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Default Re: Awake and Aware Conference From LA

Originally Posted by Baron View Post
I'm going to pull out one statement he said at the conference that is total BS he does NOT know what the hell he's talking about. He stated that the earth is now being bombarded with cosmic rays (yes that's true check any astronomical website it will tell you so) however he goes on to tell you that these cosmic rays give off NEGATIVE IONS that are really dangerous for us because they make us depressed ill melancholic suicidal and sick etc!

What complete bunkum let me say that again what complete bunkum he speaks!

NEGATIVE IONS are good for us they make us feel good these things are released during thunderstorms or when you are near waterfalls or in green tree woodlands. There are machines you can buy that give off negative ions they help to kill off bacteria and clean the air and ionize the air so you breath cleaner fresher air and just generally feel good.

So George Green stop talking rot! And don't BS your way out of this argument with something like these cosmic negative ions are in fact positive deadly instead or some other waffle.
Well, what if he meant positive ions? I frequently hear people error in their words. Those effects are the effect of positive ions such as seen with Santa Anna winds in S. California.
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