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Default Re: Awake and Aware Conference From LA

(1) Ok right onto the conference speakers, firstly George Green and his presentation! Why and how is this person still being dragged out? We who have been following this stuff for years before the net and its early years,we were glad George and his ilk were finally fading away as they had been found out! Yes I'm sure he's a good friend to Bill & Kerry and others and a nice guy. But he's just repeating other people's work and what he's made up out of his own imagination!

I'm going to pull out one statement he said at the conference that is total BS he does NOT know what the hell he's talking about. He stated that the earth is now being bombarded with cosmic rays (yes that's true check any astronomical website it will tell you so) however he goes on to tell you that these cosmic rays give off NEGATIVE IONS that are really dangerous for us because they make us depressed ill melancholic suicidal and sick etc!

What complete bunkum let me say that again what complete bunkum he speaks!

NEGATIVE IONS are good for us they make us feel good these things are released during thunderstorms or when you are near waterfalls or in green tree woodlands. There are machines you can buy that give off negative ions they help to kill off bacteria and clean the air and ionize the air so you breath cleaner fresher air and just generally feel good.

So George Green stop talking rot! And don't BS your way out of this argument with something like these cosmic negative ions are in fact positive deadly instead or some other waffle.

(2) I enjoyed listening Miriam Delicado and I thought she was interesting and spoke well, even though I had a few questions.She was much better than I would have thought.

(3) Richard Dolan wow! He was much better than I have ever heard him especially with the quality rational of his subject and his analysis this was his best yet for me and now I would like tol buy his book.

(4) Alex Collier! real name Ralph Amagran? or Amagrant? Interesting that he's been dug out of the woodwork again. Over all he speaks well yet like I had heard him years ago when he was Ralph! I had reservations about what he said not because it may well be true but from where he got this information.I think its more earthly than contact from Andromeda!

I wont bother with all he said as its all been said before and others have been covering it even before he made a splash in 1993. Though I will cover something that I feel is very relevant and that is his physical condition!

He is now grossly obese he's gone passed being called fat. Now this is not being mean, this is a fact and it needs to be addressed, if he is in contact with these very special beings who are mentoring him why have they not tried to help him help himself with his obese weight and poor eyesight?

Why is he so vain that he dyes his hair at his age when he really does not have any, and goes to the trouble of that stupid hair comb over cover that's only comparable to Donald Trumps ridicules comb over! Surely being in that condition is not conductive to being spiritually aware and enlightened?

Vain with his hair but not with his excessive weight! Or is he piling on the pounds because he's prepared for a shortage of food soon so he can live on what he's piled on perhaps?

What was that Ralph? I mean Alex? K ? K? K? K? Yeah Alex what's with this K? thing? You speak well and then sound like some rapper with K? Say the full word if you must its only one letter more OK?!! Though I know what you are doing,its called salesmanship getting others to confirm what you are saying so they agree subconsciously and also giving yourself time to think of stuff to say.

Plus you really did give yourself and sadly those other whistle-blowers the tool of words or excuse they need why they don't fully whistle-blow all they know,when they are suppose to like Pete Peterson and Arthur Neumann, frauds both!

That is they don't want to shock all at once and pre-fair to let it seep out bit by bit so they can give themselves a COMFORT zone! Oh you can see them all using this excuse in the near future or words to that affect! This will soon be repeated all thanks to you! You are too clever by far for the average fool looking for enlightenment.You'll have them all in your hand except perhaps those who you don't answer, because you cannot bring yourself to make up another lie, so you don't answer some questions! That's handy!

Though I will give you some top marks for wearing a suit you looked "that" part.

(5) UPDATE! Alfred Webre what can one say total nonsense he made it up as he went, he was not even confident in what he was saying! I'm not even sure he knew what he was talking about!

Now I'm off to listen to Marcia Shafer,Duncan O'Finioan and David Wilcox who I missed because the broadcast just stopped when they were live.

Bill and Kerry if they sold out the conference 800 seats for both days at $150 they should have raked in $120.000 dollars well done.

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