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Default Re: Avoiding the bodyscanners

This is slightly off topic but a thought came to me.

This shows the importance of avoiding being microchipped.

First they implement the scanners, then chip everyone. When you go through a scanner which is next to impossible to avoid if you are leaving the UK, they will know everything about you in a flash. (I realize the current scanners are more like x-ray, but they could add software that could read your chip. This is currently used now as they can read eartag information for farm animals.) They could find out where you have been, what you have purchased, who you have been in contact with, possibly your thoughts, .... the list is long.

David Icke's Totalitarian Tiptoe......yikes.

A further thought....what if they can program the chip as you are leaving and become a manchurian candidate. Sorry for the fearmongering, just thinking out loud. I don't want to create fear .... just awareness.


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