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Default Re: Franklin scandal cult idea (opinion)

Originally Posted by tonyotag View Post
The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant, as recently featured by Project Camelotís radio show...
I don't see a re-posting of this thread in General Discussion so I'll go ahead and post on this thread...

I am so glad to learn that this topic was covered on Project Camelot's radio show; I wasn't aware of that. Because the topic is so horrifying and depressing, it's important that we not let that cause us to turn our backs and not seek answers and not try make a difference.

Dr A True Ott also has been covering this topic on his radio show "The Story Behind the Story." He had John DeCamp, author of The Franklin Coverup as a guest on January 25, 2010. John talked about the fact that NY Times reporter Nick Bryant started out skeptical of John's story but ended up writing the book The Franklin Scandal when he realized the story was true.
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