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Default Wavereaper:prototypes.
Waves work in a constant up-and-down movement, back and forth, and the WaveReaper, a simple mechanical device, takes advantage of this in a cheap way. As we said, the wave moves up and down, while most generators, rotate around an axle, and the wave size varies a lot, and creating problems, when you want to utilize their energy content. The current technologies regarding wave energy today is very costly, which means they can't compete with other ways of making energy. The technology can also be used to save the shoreline from The North Sea, Causing havoc in northern of Europe in Great Britain.

This is a simple schematic, showing buoy, wire and one-way bearing, connected together. In case of storm and rough waves, it is a problem, for all wave energy constructions, however, the Wavereaper™, has a built in safety feature in its construction, that would avoid damage on the equipment, its due to the max lifting force of the barrels, since they will sink under the surface, if the force is to great. this will make the Wavereaper possible to work in any weather, however it should be constructed, to take advantage, of the medium wave, that is present at all time, for best cost benefit of the plant.

Another factor, water, and generators, yes, almost any technology, is having problem, when it comes to the oceans salty water without more expensive design and material. Water can leak inside equipment and ruin electrical circuits, and it must therefore be safeguarded against corrosion, and in those cases it is under water, against leakage, corrosion and pressure. Also water-depth, and the special environment, which crave divers, and other expensive equipment, has made wave energy very costly.

With other words, underwater technology is not cheap, and with these problems to solve, which means high costs, and therefore more expensive energy for the consumer. This is not what we would like, so it is need to solve the wave energy generation concept, to go around these problems. And the solution is simple, we can use basic items, as wire, plastic barrels, one way bearings, pulley, an axle, flywheel and generator.

That is the main components, in what up to day, would be the cheapest wave energy technology in the world. It can even be built in wood or by choice bicycle parts! This is very good, in countries which have limited access to expensive metals, and heavy machining tools. Most of the parts in a WaveReaper generator, except wiring, can be made of wood, plastics or more expensive metal.

We will use a set of plastic barrels as boys, cost is low, and PVC isn't affected by salty ocean water. The barrels are placed near shore or longer out in deeper water, depending on amount of energy needed in particular wave plant. The Barrels will also help for erosion problems in shoreline. For example in England.

To avoid the need for divers, and also avoid the need to have boats when the WaveReaper is deployed an special aluminium pipe is used. The pipe is mounted in sections, and prolonged further out in the sea. I think it is possible to have distances up to 300 meters from the shoreline, to get access to greaters dephts, where also the waves is greater. Lifting containers have to provide lifting force to the pipe, and right under every barrel wich is producing power to the onshore WaveReaper generator, a round plate is placed, this plate will prohibit the lifting force the rising barrel will have on the pipe,

The pipe remains steady approx 5 meters under the water. This design will ensure that the operation of the WaceReaper plant can be done from the shoreline only, without need for divers, and without need for boats, wich is normally used when it comes to wave power generation.

This is bringing down service cost, and also the level of education needed to run the plant is lesser, when noone have to dive. Diving is a very costly part of operation of a wave generator. If something happens with the blocks wires or barrels, the pipe can easy be hauled onto shore, and repaired or replaced.

The barrels is on 2 meters distance from each other, and connected to the on mainland placed WaveReaper generator, via the “power transmitting wire” it is also is connected with a thinner wire, between them, so, if the power wire should break, the barrels, don’t get to drift away, in the sea. This will also even out the possibility that the barrels, would smash into each other, when the sea is rougher.

The lifting capacity is also setting a maximum power input into the device, since if it is large and fast waves, the barrels would not lift more than it can, and forces is kept within its chosen range, chosen when constructing the WaveReaper plant.

cont.on link above.

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