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Default plan of action to the crisis, where to start proposal...

Well, having the same problem, i started by myself an association here in Portugal, helping people to overcome the crisis either by managing debt or by preparing for this problems.
Of course this last days/weeks it got a lot of public attention, as the association`s public statements, of how the crashh was imminent and so on, and so on, were right on target.
By now, we have over 100 members, and a newsletter with over 4000 subscribers that hear from us (me) weekly talking about this subjects.
It worked a bit like a trojean horse, where i grabbed their attention using debt and spending and now they are much more aware of the conspiracy playing right before our eyes.
The media got it and i was asked to write a book on the subject that will hit the stores on wednesday, all over the country.

So, this is how i started something just by myself. I strongly encourage others to join this effort, and help build something that is like a dream to me:
A network of associations, sharing info and building some power(minimal, but vital) to start doing a collective mind change, even if gradual.

Believe me, here in Portugal, the growth has been well over my own expectations, and i was even in the prime time news on TV for 3 times, and now run my own radio program.

With so many time and effort studying this subjects, i have now more than material enough to replicate this anywhere in the world, so...

Feel free to ask me questions on how to start, and let`s build this network right away... (

(I guess i will start a new post on this, what do you think?)
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