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Default Re: Dwarf Sun Beyond Pluto

Originally Posted by micjer View Post
This crop circle is something I keep thinking about. It shows the position of the planets on Dec 21 2012. The second (updated 3 days later) shows a strange object coming close to our solar system and causing our sun to double in size. Also it is pointed out that pluto is out of position in this.

So is this dwarf sun the object that causes this solar eruption of our sun?


Sorry to burst some bubbles for you, because I am a great fan of crop circles and some of them are truely out of this world. But that like the majority was nt from out of this world. The prescision of of the lay was not the best example I have seen. I am with you all the way just till the point where we start basing the future ideas on the shapes of clouds we see in the sky. All circle and triangular ones being an exception. But just because a cloud looks like a dog, does not mean the Kainites are coming for us. I can only ever base anything on something I can trust.

This crop circle like most are very dubious. Who knows what powers that be are making them? No offense and with the greatest of respect.

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