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Default Re: Dwarf Sun Beyond Pluto

The above is most likely a Hoax... here's a Viewzone update;

UPDATE FEBRUARY 19, 2010: -- We patiently waited and monitored the StarViewer Team's web site for the "proof" that claimed would be forthcoming. Needless to say, it never materialized. Also, the initil popularity of their claim appears to have been nothing more than a way to attract a large viewership. The web site now is full of ridiculous claims, including some satirical stories taken from "the onion" (a very funny site) which the SV Team promoted as "real." There is no mention of the mathematical validation that was expected with regards to the G1.9 object. Perhaps the validation disproved their theory... perhaps it was never going to be validated by anyone... I think it is safe to take this theory of object G1.9 being a brown dwarf down to ZERO possibility!

Now, I put this to you... I have a friend who was at the Vatican Observatory and actually saw this through their telescope. He has a number of siblings in the military located around the globe, a number of them down under and they all believe this to be true. Meaning they were in the know several years ago because that is when he originally communicated to me about this being a reality. So is this a hoax? Or is the response to it another disinformation cover-up?

Still up in the air?

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