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Thumbs up Re: Artificial Intelligence Wave - it's no joke.

Actually - These Beings while in the past have "prompted" Me to Investigate Their nature shall We say - Now - From an "All That Is" Perspective, I've RV'ed Them while Conscious and affirmed to Myslef to do It.

BTW - I only RV while Conscious. When I sleep - I dream rarely. Some say that means those Who do go back to Source but No Fear at all on My behalf. LOL - My dear - Its just a Skin Suit anyways. Once You are risen above Hierarchy - Heirarchy controls You no more. Heirarchy is Polarity/Dualism and the need to be Controlled as We will not control Ourselves.

You really should Google Remote Viewing and do some Research on It. "To Be a Thing is to know a Thing. One cannot be without knowing and through that knowing - Remove any Fear in Understanding..."

Q - Riddle Me this - When do We panic ?

A - When We know not what to do...

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