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Default Re: A New Look at 2012, Crust Shifts and How We Might Avoid Another Cataclysm

Uriel Andros: "Since it seems that most times the earth has passed through this position little has happened it would seem desirable to find a way to avoid it this time around, despite the fact that the human situation at present fits all the criteria given by native peoples for past destruction. I think, in fact, that it is possible. I have seen in my meditations a sequence of events that would test humanity in extreme ways to see if it could manage to forego personal benefit for the sake of the whole. I'm not going to reveal what this test is, but I believe the first stage has been put into play. "

Linda: I heard long ago that one of the tests (while earth is crossing the galactic center) will based in the U.S. The Kachinas (sky brothers and sisters) will check to see if the peaceful Hopi are still connected to their land. If not, we may be in trouble. Perhaps the ones who want destruction of the earthlings know this fact, have known this, and will continue to attempt to disempower those who have the ancient wisdom, the ones still living the old way, the earthway. It's all starting to make sense.

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