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Default Re: Artificial Intelligence Wave - it's no joke.

Yeah the factionalized Dracos really hate being RV'ed. I can sense it every time I RV Them.

Its hilarious really - I show up - They percieve Me RV'ing Them - They then act with disdain (Scowls, Snarls, clenching Their fists and such) that I'm actually able to do this - And then They all go into stop-motion while looking at Me with the same expressions I've mentioned above.

It's like They've been told to not move when We (Humans that is) RV Them. Nowadays - I just show up and RV Them for a half hour or so at a time and it really seems to miff Them as They seem to have to remain immoblile while I'm there.

Its Hilarious but very surreal actually...

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