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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger View Post
personally, we see the 15 or 1-5 - as 6 - a 6th density high astral harvest/ not dimensions

(and, we are NOT sure, why she ties things, that way to dimensions)

we are, NOT sure, what 'ad/h' thinks ....or, bases her facts on

"abraxasinas" what do you think ???

(we know she also utilises, a myriad of newly formed names/and, descriptions for things too)

some of which, we've never heard of

(although, we do NOT profess to be an eXpert on her work- a. dean/hayes/ad/h, work)

there are definitely threads of truth, in it
Susan the Exchanger - just like Isis eXchanged the lost spiritual phallus of Osiris with the symbol of Grandma Spiderwoman of the Hopi Lore.
The Arachne then wove the web to allow Horus of the Horizon to be born in the symbol of the Wisdomkeeper of the Ages - the Sphinx.
So Isis PERSISTED like OUR Susan does - to do and say and write what she considers to be right and what 'feels' ok.
Indeed she is a 'Keeper of the Secrets' and an ambassadora for the highest feminine, the Creation of the Universe as Cosmic Womb herself.
Susan the EXchanger has become the SHARER of the Secrets of Creation and many of her sisters will follow her into a New Dawn following a long and enduring night.

What do I think about Anna Hayes?
She is your sister and a fellow goddess of the sharing and the searching and the exchanging of the data.
Albeit, consulting the Council of Thuban I am advised that the information is as yet disharmonised between the yin and the yang.
The shadow yang has overpowered the yang of the light and the information tries to be androgenous before its time and without the fulfilment of the Mother's Dream to Love BOTH the male and the female.

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