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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger View Post
personally, we think, the 11th anchored on 11/11/2009

and, The Mother Earth herself, has NOT fallen

only some NOT all of the beings, that are upon here / or, above here, in the ethers

some of them, have risen quite high ~ not high enough to match her ~ but at least

2 completes matrixes (24D) + 9 d = 33dimensions (thru 9 layers of density)
Well only time and the events of the future can tell what really happen but from my perspective, the 11th dimension correspond to the Buddha state...I don't see many buddhas walking in the streets

I personally would like to see a different probability but I am aware that denial is the worst kind of fear. When we can see clearly after having studied and work out what is what, then we can make intelligent decision and hope for the best while preparing for the worse

Things don't go away cos be brush them under the carpet so I am here on a quest to inform of the choice I feel is the one that resonates with me which is the Krystal ha choice or the choice of the Kryst

I think people must have the opportunity to know all that is available before choosing

As per the summaries from the Guardian Alliance, Earth has fallen and the Sun has suffer irreparable damage...maybe you should peruse the summaries?

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