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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post
Basically we live in a Universe which has 15 dimensions, each 3 dimensions make a harmonic universe (HU)

HU5 - the domain of the Rishi (dimensions 13 to 15)
HU4 - the domain of the Avatar where the Kryst is (dimensions 10 to 12)
HU3 - the domain of the Oversoul or Monad (dimensions 7 to 9)
HU2 - the domain of the Soul (dimensions 4 to 6)
HU1 - Where we are

You can start by readin the Voyager I and II books by Ashayana Deane or go to their website

and explore, there is a lot of information here to under Keylonic Sciences, Anna Hayes and Ashayana

I've read all the Hayes books printed thus so comes my can we prove what she says is the correct information?

Yes, how do you prove it?
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