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Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban

Originally Posted by Spregovori View Post
To speak truthfully - I most likely fail to understand most of your post...thus my questions will not be about all the "complicated stuff"

I do intend to re-read your post...

I also ask (if possible), for easy to understand answers, but please do not simplify in case the answer will lost its "essence" and please do not hesitate to go into great detail.

Thank you


I am lost...empty.
We are people.
I/we (majority of population)...we do not know what/who we are.
I am not asking about the origins of species...but who we are "inside"
There are ideas but they are all very...vague...

These are questions which deserve meaningful answers Spregovori.
You are inside the Creator of your experience. The emptiness you experience relates to many things, including your forgetfulness of your origins and the many disapppointments you have suffered in your love expectations from other people around you. A very simple advice is for you to go into the wilderness of nature and observe the birds, the trees and the flora and fauna. Even better if you share those experiences with your dog or some other pet (dogs are Man's Best Friend remember).

There is thread here called 'The Secret of Humanity', which would help you to remember.

How can I/we change that?
How can we get to know ourselves?
How can we be certain that what we do/think is right?

You can change your circumstances in giving your energies of thought and perception to the environment around yourself.
Consider the saying: 'The Love you withold will haunt you!"
The first step into the inner self is the 'Love of Yourself'. Once you know WHO you are in this world and WHY you have chosen to experience misery; namely to MIRROR yourself in EVERYTHING you encounter; then you shall find purpose and rediscover your inner energies, the potentials you have shut in due to your experienced unhappiness.

You can be certain about things only relative to your own perceptions; say a mathematical proof will give relative certainty to a mathematician and seeing a ufo land in the back yard will give relative certainty to the witnessing observer.

Who/What am I?

You are the creator of the universe you live in AS the collective and sumtotal of all of the intelligence and 'soul-energy' contained in the universe.
You are a holofractal hologram of this oneness and so should you remember your collective cosmic ID, you would realise the totality you are.
Npow what happens to a totality? Because it is so total: omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent and omnitimed - this totality is the epitome of LONELINESS.
You and anyone experiencing loneliness partakes in the energy state of the collective before the universe existed in space and in time and in matter.
So here is a reason for experiencing this unhappiness. Only after experiencing unhappiness, will happiness become appreciated when it enters your sphere of perception and experience.


Project Camelot and all of its interviewees - your thoughts about it?

Do you "see" any thing or anyone related to Project Camelot dishonest/deceitful?

The most positive thing about PC are the contributors on forums such as this one.
I call this positive, because it is a win-win situation fore all involved. The founders have established the platform for the interactions and communications between all and sundry to become possible.
WE could not communicate the way we do, if this forum would not exist.
All of the interviewees and contributors here carry part of the solution in say a positive converging mode and a negative diverging mode.

The convergence synergizes thoughts and perceptions within groupminds and collective agendas, which so assume an enhanced potency in supplementing the collective planetary group-consciousness.

The divergence does the same in an antimode, meaning that the divergence becomes an individual convergence instead of a collective convergence.
However, even this becomes beneficial in the 'greater agenda', because this manifests a polarisation between the collective group-consciousness and the individuated minds within a collective of isolated minds, say.


Galactic federation of Light - your thoughts about it?

There are many such things. The basic directive for every human on the planet at thius time is: CREATE - CREATE Scenarios with your Imagination - Create the Scenarios in SHARING what you have IMAGED metaphysically in your thought. - Because the time for physicalisation of your imaginations has arrived.
So YOU can IMAGE such a Federation and your neighbour can do the same, if he chooses to engage in 'such fantasies'.
Then if you and your neighbour decide to blend the TWO Galactic Federations into ONE; then the Galactifc Federation of the two of you as ateam, will most likely be more 'powerful' to manifest, than the isolated Galactic Federation of your friend down the road, who has chosen to NOT blend his Galactic Federation with another imaginer.


Much is based around the concept of free will...

Is there such a thing as free will? what extent can it be applied? Can I for example **hypothetically** use my free will to end the existence of my soul - thus for ever end my existance in all possible meanings? If soul can not be ended...and I **hypothetically** express a choice for this to happen...can than be said that there is no free will?

Because you do not understand what you are experiencing you have developed a selfdenial or dislike of yourself on the level of the innermost beingness of your soul.
Your soul IS God, the creator of all that exists and yes in this manner you have NO Free Will, as you cannot deexist God as the collective.

However apart from this you DO have Free Will and you can choose to experience whatever you choose to experience with the physical, emotional, mental and psychophysical consequences your actions will entail.

So you can choose to suffer on all levels above, or you can choose to first imagine and so create arelease from the suffering in changing your perceptions in reverse order from the psychosoma of the soul to the mind to the feelings to the physical body.


Some say there is currently a large number of (what we call ET) ships around or in "near" (very, very close) vicinity of planet Earth.

True or False?

If true - what is their intention?

The ET ships at present cannot enter the realm of the Earth in a physical manner to a distance of 2 million kilometers (encompassing the Moon and so 5% to the planet Venus).
However interdimensionally, they are like the clouds you see in the sky in a plasmic form.
Any spaceship represents a 3D cross-section of a 4D spacial reality. This means spaceships are like the shadow you cast against a wall in the sunlight in a 3D-2D analogy.

So one can invoke the presence of any ET interdimensionally and this 'contact' will be a shadow encounter, physically defined in frequency modulations and the physical higherD equivalence of mass as magnetomonopolic superconductive electric current.


Dogajale so se (dogajajo se) stvari...določene izven mojega vpliva, določene zaradi mojega vpliva. Na nič od tega nisem ponosen. Menda lahko vidiš več kot pa je napisano... Zdej seveda sprašujem...kakšne posledice bodo te stvari pustile - zame osebno? Kako se rešim tega?

opomba: spletni prevajalniki niso točni
I can translate languages like German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, Dutch and Norwegian with my equipment; but Serbian or Macedonian or Croatiian is presently not accomodated.
I shall answer you after you have translated your question for me to comment upon.

You are the LoveChild of the Universe Spregovori and a Beloved of the Great Mother - try to give some love to someone and it shall return a hundredfold.
Remember the old song: Tie a Yellow Ribbon round the old oak tree?
I'm sure you can listen to it on the web - listen to it.

Your Inner Knowing is stronger than your outer perception!

I am your friend!

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