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Hi, I'm Dutch and my wife Swiss, we are living in India (Auroville) since 20 years. Although my first visit, when you would hardly see a car on the streets, dates more than 35 years ago. When I first visited I felt like coming home, although I can't be too enthusiastic about the country at this moment.
Hi, and Welcome. I'm really happy to hear from you. I have been to Auroville, once in 2007 and once this year, and I have dreamed of spending my future in a place like Auroville.

I can feel what your words mean. the present moment may not look great as there has been a lot of changes in the air for the past few decades. The last 10 years had a lot of eye opening events, though it has been so only for a few in a country with one sixth of world's popultion. But I always wish that my words to be wrong. I wish that many people who are awake may not have revealed themselves yet. I can see that the fundamentals that made value to the people of this country have started falling.
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