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Default Interesting Anagrams, Angel Land?

A Landed Elder Winks = Edward Leedskalnin

A Local Crest = Coral Castle

Ever In Us/Us Never I = Universe

Eons I Scan = Ascension

Decades Smarten/A Cadets Menders/Sacrament Deeds
= Ascended Master

Spirit of Light = Topflight Sir

Parading My Piety = Egyptian Pyramid

so i talk alien = Nikolai Tesla

Ardor on, my life ray = royal raymond rife

disclosure = souls cried

two thousand twelve ad = wow, sun volt death date

Star Human Butterfly = A nutty lamb furthers

Star Human = A Mars Hunt

Leonardo Da Vinci = Draconian Do Live/A Divined Coronal

Astral Plane = A Stellar Nap

Pineal Gland = Angel Land, PI 3.14159265 (Someone should try to make an Isotone with the frequency of PI.... Angel Land anyone?)

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