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Default Re: Reincarnation ?? Or What??

Originally Posted by Debby View Post
My almost 4 year old daughter has some remarkable statements. Here a few in it short
A few months ago she started talking about her “other” mother and father from long ago. I was really surprised about this and asked questions. She also had a sister and a brother. She didn’t miss them because she had us now. She started to mention about this more often and a lot of new things came up. Like they went on picknicks and what her house looked like.
Last week she just mentioned:”we live on the blue planet but I came from the green planet”. I felt so strange because we never spoke to her about earth and planets. So in a very calm way we asked her more questions and talked to her in a way that it was normal so she would feel free to talk about it.
She talks about a kind of box with windows( spacecraft), her mother and father and she picked us and brought her to us. Her parents were killed by some kind of snake, she will see them again someday so she isn’t sad. The people there looked just like us, things weren’t the same on the green planet but she can’t explain the difference yet.
When I was pregnant with her, I was suspecting twins but one I lost with 11 weeks. I have never spoken to her about this because of her age. At the time we lived in Germany with we also never mention. A few days ago she starts talking about her brother who was with her in the stomach and couldn’t make it. I was had a feeling that there was something about her, I wrote a thread about her dreams a year ago , about the “Bird”.
I hope someone can give me some advise, information about a green planet.
Hi Debby!

Here is the Thuban perspective about your daughter.

Like many have already said here; I also recommend the past lives and 'in between lives' regression books of Dolores Cannon.
One of her books crystallizing the ET-human incarnational connections is : 'Keepers of the Garden'.
Dolores is sincere and works from a platform of intellectual and human integrity and honour.
Due to her sincerity and intent, her 'material' is over 80% accurate according to my evluation and convergence streams to the Thuban material.

Much of what is found in the above referenced book: "Kepers of the Garden" applies to basically ALL personages presently incarnated on planet earth.

It is just that young children and say hypnotically regressed individuals are enabled to 'penetrate' the conditional filters put in place by the superconsciousness of the individual 'soul' as a part and parcel or shard of the creator himself.

The 'big story' is not so much the ascension of earth as one of many planets to allow the present human civilization to attain say 'galactic citizenship'; but the 'big story' is the 'Story of the Creator' in search and expectation for his 'Creation's Homecoming'.

It just so is happenstance; that Gaia, as an archetype represents this 'Homecoming Queen' for the creator or prime source or God.

So now enter a soul in between physical incarnation or lifetimes.
This soul has reattained superconsciousness and KNOWS 'God's Own Story' and the crucial part the 'Blue Planet' plays in the 'Book to be written' and the 'Movie to be made'.

The universe teems with intelligent life and many planets are suitable to harbour physical lifeforms similar to Earth, say with a temperate seasonal climate and plenty of water to allow an atmosphere.

However what everyone seems so omit in their ET agendas of wars, alliances and interactions, is said 'Big Story'.

Gaia being the Blue Planet harbouring just such lifeforms, which SHOULD ubiquitously populate galaxies and starsystems is required to 'be special' as the 'Homecoming Queen'.

So earth is NOT one planet of many billions, suitable for life, as is the common perception.
Gaia is the Master-Template for ALL such planets and until this master-blueprint is properly processed and archetyped this master-template is insufficient to SERVE the rest of the universe, say as a Cosmic Mother of All.

I simple words then; All That Is as the Creator of All That Is has a Mate or Partner as the Creation of All That Is and this Creation, like the Creator is a Oneness, which is required by definition to ENCOMPASS THE ALL That Is.

So this is why the 'channelers' write of 57 human races, which just look like us.
Those 57 races say are said to reside on similar planets like earth, somewhere in this Milky Way Galaxy Or some other galaxy say Andromeda.

Your daughter's superconsciousness has not been 'clouded', because of your openness and tolerance to accomodate her 'stories'.
And so your daughter has remembered an IMAGE Earth, precisely MIRRORED in Gaia (as the Homecoming Queen) at the opposite end of the straight line connecting Gaia to the galactic center.

Therefore, the 'Green Earth' is so 52,000 lightyears distant from earth as a cosmic focal point, reflecting the said 'importance of Gaia as the 'Universal Mother' for ALL humanoid races.

Your daughter's recollections so derive from her superconscious understanding of and about the 'Big Story'.
In this 'Big Story' the New Earth becomes the superposition of your daughter's 'future selfhood' onto her 'past selfhood'.

In superconsciousness, the time experienced as beginning and ending incarnationally, is circularised in a kind of Loop as Now-Time.

So in between lives, the timefactor becomes 'blurred' in an adjustment to PROCESS the past selfhood to prepare for the future selfhood.

When your daughter says, she chose you to be her mother, then this is this processing of the linear timeline of the incarnation in the Now-Time of the 'choosings'.

So her past parents are also her future parents converging in her NOWTIME of you and her father.

Generally, the past life and regression memories are a superpositioning of past incarnational lifes mirrored in the soul's individually filtered KNOWING of herhis own future and absolutely related to the 'Big Story' of the future New earth as a Sanctuary for the entire universe and as a HOME for ALL ETs remaining 'away' from earth as ET-intelligences until the 'Homecoming Queen' has returned home as its programmed archetype of the Creation Herself.

ALL ET agendas should be viewed in the light of the 'Big Story' - all ETs basically representing humanized aspects of that story in a convergence of the Past with the Future.

So it does not matter if the 'Green planet' physically exists at the distance coordinate specified. The 'Green Planet' exists as the mirror image of the Blue Planet in higher dimensional Hyperspace imaging a 2D mirror in a 5D mirror in a 8D mirror in a 11D mirror as the Hubble Event Horizon or the Boundary for the 10D universe to expand asymptotically towards to.

Your daughter is a timetraveller who has experienced her past lives (either in 3D incarnation on earth or as a 4D intelligence in ET environments) extrapositioned onto her future lives through tapping and accessing her superconsciousness as part of the FatherMother or CreatorCreation or shard of the Logos.

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