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Default Re: Reincarnation ?? Or What??

Originally Posted by G9211 View Post
I had a reading done about the origin of my soul. I was told I began as what we refer to as "Greys" going back over a million years. Not the skinny Greys but a larger type. Hmmmm. It was totally free but I dunno...
Originally Posted by Gnosis5 View Post
I gave my dughter a past life session wherein she was a Grey. She is still quite telepathic, almost like talking on the phone. Also my hubby seems to shift back and forth in his past lives between being a Grey and being a Reptilian. At the current stage of my past life reviews I am nothing more than a luminous bowling pin shaped being, but we could change into anything we pleased -- and we did! :-)
It may just be me but I don't get a good feeling about Greys or a Reptilian.
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