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Originally Posted by ijiaii View Post
...for me LOVE has always been the greatest healer!

And It's in all of US, its in our DNA, it cannot be denied.

Deep truth here.

Health is spiritual as well as physical.

We should give some thought to how we define love. We have but the one word in English to refer to a whole range of emotions and attitudes. This is unfortunate, and I believe it has corroded our understanding.

Love in this instance is not warm and fuzzy. It's the driving force of the Universe, and it's implacable. It is the devourer as well as the nurturer. And yet we can easily learn to tap into its creative power.

When love appears as the enemy, it is we who are out of synch with the universe. It is we who require the adjustment, not our environment.

Yes, it is in our DNA. We require it as surely as we require sunlight. Yet we also pervert it. Love can heal every ailment, psychic, physical, spiritual, social.

First we have to learn what it is.

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