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After Scrolling down topics, I thought umm... so much here??...

But for me LOVE has always been the greatest healer!

And It's in all of US, its in our DNA, it cannot be denied., It was the part put in from one who loved you. because you were you. that was enough,.. that's all, You Being You.

If we choose to awaken it...

It is from a Cause where this frequency and all that goes with it is an effect!!

LOVE is the Greatest Healer.

IT can Heal All Of U.S.

Stories of Love exist in every age, but it is the stories of Love that you live now, that will determine the end result of this age...

I am a traveler, when I hear stories about love, I think about love, I feel love.., I Imagine Love.

I may have a story of my own bout' love,.. but hearing your stories about Love opens me to see the Love in You.

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