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Arrow Re: The Russian version of Gordon Novel's Ram Project

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post
I kind of agree but how do you know? I mean which is your source?

Look around You - Do You not see it occurring in front of Our Eyes ? I know You do but how can I explain to You an Inner Knowing if You do not have Your own ? You will simply have to "know" for Yourself.

As far as Sources - I've some but They will cease to be Sources if I divulge Them so I merely post what I can - When I can. Additionally - I AM an RV'er and have gained some additional information through that as well...

Bill knows I've Sources. He has sent some of My Info to Marshall Masters and from what I was led to believe in Reply - He and Marshall were impressed with said Info...

All I can really say is that I love You All and am trying to do My best to make things better for Us All in My own way. If this makes it any better - The Pardigm shift will be obvious to All very soon (If it isn't already).

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