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Default Re: Jesus speaks today: Inner teachings from Jesus through one of his messengers

Hi guys
I have read the book 14 Chakras recommended to me "The Christ is Born in You" By Knim Michaels. I found nothing in it that rang alarm bells,

Humanity has never been left to our own devices by God, there have allways been Sages in embodiment to point the way to the TRUTH.
They are consistent in what they say.
In general they also warn against wolves in sheep's clothing.
Everything we need to know has been taught by sages in embodiment through out the ages.

The danger of channeling is that it is very easy for the lower astral to take over the messenger and give a very believable story, possibly even 90% truth and then the naive
and gullible are hooked.
At first it seems that there is no organization then bit by bit you can be led into joining
something, very often the pretext is that it is something special, a secret only know to the ones in organization, people are attracted to feel special. if that occurs I would run a mile.

God has never kept a secret from us.

The sages, the mystics, have never wanted devotees, they are very clear on this.
they point only to God, never to themselves, and where is God found? Within.

One of the reasons that I never became a devote of anyone is that I did not see the need for a middle man, I wanted to unite with God within, so no need for a middle man.
Teachers yes but I dont follow the teacher only the message of Truth.

I have had quite a few teacher who I appreciate and honor but it is the message that is important. Jesus was pure humility, love and forgiveness, pointing all the time to the Father in Heaven ie within.
My soul is too important to take risks with.

For me.
The time honored way is set out by Krishna the Bagahadgita, The Buddha, Christ and other mystics present in this world ,here now, and is tried and trusted and safe.

New age is riddled with all kinds of claims and new age is mainly sourced from the lower astral which denies God and is very clever in seducing innocents away from a straight and true path.
Beware of false prophets says the Bible.
I err on the side of caution.

With love
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