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Default Re: Jesus speaks today: Inner teachings from Jesus through one of his messengers

Originally Posted by 14 Chakras View Post
Perhaps it is the message we should discern rather than judging by outer appearances

who is the messenger

he comes from a cult of channelers

the Church Universal and Triumphant

one of many

claiming to channel

the Ascended Masters

the Teachers of Theosophy

and all the channelers dismiss each other

what a mess

by all means

take what is good and uplifting

wherever you find it

but more so

work on the virtues

which weigh heavier than any believes

on the Scales of Balance


Originally Posted by 14 Chakras View Post
...the vast majority rejected the Living Christ because he did not conform to their outer expectations of what a 'messiah' should be.
this reminds me of a sentence

from Sanehedrin 98 in the Babylonian Talmud

there in the council almost 300 years after Christ

the rabbinic Jews discusses amongst themselves

when will the Messiah come

one of the men makes a reference

to what the Sassanid King Shapur I said to Samuel of Nehardea

You maintain that the Messiah will come upon an ass

I will rather send him a white horse of mine

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