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Thank you for the feedback!

I've always had dreams that come true (I think maybe everyone does now and again)...sometimes they're very literal, and sometimes very cryptic. I'm usually very good at discerning between dreams I should pay close attention to and dreams that are simply playing out my emotions and issues with day to day life.

A few weeks ago I dreamed I was in an old musty house, and a couple we know were moving in. My friend's husband went off with my husband to do the "guy" thing, and my friend began showing me their "new" house. She said, "There's just one little problem with the house," and things began flying off the shelves at her. "It's haunted." She looked miserable and forlorn, and when I tried to console her, the "ghost" threw something in between us, and I stepped back. She picked it up and dusted her hands off, saying, "We're just going to have to deal with this somehow."

The very next day, my friend found out her husband was having an affair. The old "musty" house I guess was their relationship, or state of emotions with each other, and the "ghost" I think represented the "other woman." I tried to console her in real life, but she was angry and shot me down (the ghost throwing something between us). When her husband went off with my husband, I think that represented the "split," but then about a week later, they are back together, working things out, hence her saying in my dream, "We're just going to have to deal with this somehow." That was one of the cryptic

I just don't have any explanations for my "Apocalyptic" dreams; they're the only ones that don't seem to pertain to anything going on in real life (that I know of). I just thought maybe someone out there has had similar dreams, and what they meant for them??
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