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Hi Matronmedusa,
I too have, and always have had very vivid, very realistic dreams. I found it hard to distinguish between what I take from them and what my mind is exercising out in its subconsious. More and more as I have gotten older these dreams have become both disturbing and recurrent.

I have also had very confrontational dreams almost like an action film, but in my dreams people are never quite what they seem, somehow masked or with a wrong voice, and these are the people that in my waking life I am wary of and tend to steer clear of. This usually proves a useful exercise.

My point is that with your dreams, it's important to follow what you feel. I tried for years to analyse my dreams with books and websites all of which (no matter what I dreamed) somehow told me that I was conflicted about decisions I had to make-which just confused me more.

I believe that for different people, dreams work on different levels. To some it is their mind working out the day to day issues that it deals with, to others- I believe those more in tune with themselves- its a way of communicating with a part of yourself that is normally dormant, like instinct in a way. Some days now, I wake up after a particularly mad dream and tell my partner about it (who looks at me like I am insane) and I can kind of relate something in it to something that has to be done, or something I have to look out for. It's almost like paying too much attention to it made it harder for me to understand.

As I say for different people it means different things. I am becoming a very spiritual person and find it hard to clear my head of day to day mess, I cannot, no matter how hard I try meditate effectively in the conventional sense. I believe that my dreams, and the new found clarity that I have when it comes to interpretting them are, and possibly always were a form of meditation or guidance, that I just never understood.

Maybe your dreams are messages too, maybe to be taken literally, maybe not, or maybe they are just dreams. I believe that your natural instinct will give you your answer to that. But be grateful for them. I watched a documentary a few months ago about testing people's functionality when they are put under conditions which prevent them from dreaming, and it was not heathy or pretty!


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