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I'm not suggesting this applies to you. That is for you to decide, of course; but when a client of Jung's told him of his dream with a fearful monster coming up out of the water or sky and threatening him making him feel really terrified Jung inquired as to whether he had just found a new lady friend. The man replied in the affirmative. Jung then suggested he consider marrying her.

That advice may not have been intended literally; but it also might have been.

I was tested once in a dream wherein I was completely alone in an old, cold mansion with all kinds of ghosts, devilish spirits and demons flying around the sky. I knew this was a test of what to do and how to respond. Does one become afraid and run with the fear? Should I fight? I decided to love them all absolutely, because all I am is love and they can have it all and be love with me. They then all disappeared. Love really is the greatest power.

Those demons, devils, and ghosts had two choices from my response: Leave because they neither wanted the love nor wished to be associated with it; or they could stay and be transformed by the love becoming one with it -- because that was all there was, all I was, and all I am.

It is all you are too. Never fear your own love.
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