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Default My dreams...

Ever since I was a little girl, I had these disturbing dreams of looking into the skies and seeing all sorts of things flying around, shooting at each other, and chaos on the ground below. Always different dreams, but the same scenarios. It seemed that EVERY time I looked to the sky in my dream, even if I saw nothing, I KNEW something terrifying was going to happen, and I would wake myself quickly, out of fear. It seemed at least once or twice a month I was having these sorts of dreams, and it absolutely terrified me. It was total chaos, and I always thought of Armageddon.

One time, a few years back, I dreamed I looked to the sky and saw orbs (like spirits) dancing around the night sky. The stars began to move, and before I knew it, there were dragons flying with the orbs, and they began circling like vultures. Soon, the whole night sky was lit up with all shapes and sizes of craft. The dragons landed in front of me, and began to surround me. They looked like half man/ half dragon, like a creature from the old dungeons and dragons game. I had a sword, and fought furiously, but as I was overcome, I woke up in a sweat.

There have been many, many more since then, but the more I have these dreams, the less afraid I am. Big step from a little girl hiding under her blanket when she wakes in a cold sweat!

In one of the dreams, I was on a boat in the middle of the ocean watching over some children playing on the deck. The blue sky lit up with a flash, and a craft came down as some strange men began boarding the boat. I confronted them, questioning their intentions, and I got an uneasy feeling. I felt they were coming for the children, so I stood my ground and told them, "Oh no, not this time!" As soon as I stood up to them, they slunk away and disappeared. I felt "How DARE they!"

In most of them, though, I see chaos and war, and my husband and I are the ones gathering people and leading them to safety. We run, dodging falling debris, and trying to stay out of sight of the "evil" ones...

The most recent one, though, was very different. I dreamed the family and I were in a car, and we actually drove up to the night sky; parked on a beam of light. A friend of mine was in the backseat, and as we looked out the sunroof, we saw an amazing spectacle of craft and lights. I gasped, and said, "How beautiful!" My husband said, "We have the chance to stay," but my friend said, "I can't take this!" and jumped out of the car back to earth! I was frustrated, because I wanted to stay so badly, but I felt obligated to consoling my friend, and we went back.

Just dreams?? Or contact on a subconscious level?? I don't know. I know that they've haunted me since I was a small child, and as grew up, I began to understand that they weren't ALL to be feared. The dragons are always after me though, and they are relentless and dangerous. I always fight them, usually sacrificing myself so my children can get to safety, but I always wake up before I am captured or die.

Any thoughts or analysis??
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