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Default Re: They say, "Do it again".

Originally Posted by Visvasa144 View Post
When i use certain psychic abilities that THEY want to stop. They will say, "Do that again". what THEY are doing is locking on to the frequency my brain is producing. Their using some type of super computer to do this and usually the agent is on his/her cell phone. It doesnt matter where i am. THEY can do this any where.
This started last year when i was living in Mt.Shasta. I used to use arrows made out of the H.C. and fire them at whomever was attacking me. When a certain technique is shutdown then you have to find others ways to be affective.
THEY try to find the root of the technique i have acquired. whether it be human or a spirit guide. THEY want to know where my abilities and techniques are coming from.

Our 'signals' can be picked up from anywhere on the planet. They can pick out any individual they choose to screen. They obviously have an interest in you.

Have you ever tried to view the source that is scanning you? If you decide to, I am sure from your previous postings that you know to cloak yourself sufficiently

Keep safe
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