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Default Re: Artificial Intelligence Wave - it's no joke.

Originally Posted by Ravens and Doves View Post
Thank you, Linda,

I looked down and saw that my left hand was palm up while the officer's right hand was palm down in mine. My right hand being palm down with the driver's left hand being palm up. This creates a recieve/groung - recieve/ground - recieve/gound sacred triad power battery!
The AI is attracted to it, but it tossed away as it apparently can' slpit in three (or more) equal parts at the same time.

Instantly all went pitch black and I saw the entities doing the same and a silver ball exiting.

I'm sure there other other methods that could work, but left hand up and the right and down (or to direct engery, hold a pen or a sword) is a time-tested Light Warrior posture.

Spelling correcting: It's left hand up/right down - left hand up/right down -left up/right down... if the company and evironment is right get ready to "fly to the moon" as our main wittness said afterward.
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