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Default Re: Artificial Intelligence Wave - it's no joke.

Originally Posted by dAkapacity View Post
I experienced a rough K-awakening as well now almost 4 years ago. My third eye is heavily blocked so I don't seem to be getting any visual information. My body, however, is taking much of the heat with (sometimes) violent 'asanas' and shouting/growling like a wild animal and all that fun stuff. I look at it as a release (of anger and pain), but sometimes I wonder(ed) wheter it could be an 'attack' as well.

It happens especially when I meditate or do spiritual exercises (tai chi - heavenly circulation of chi). The energy tends to get stuck in the head and can't escape well), which is a real bummer! Sometimes I don't know if it's good to go through it or if it's only getting worse. It's like an unconscious part of myself doesn't want me to reach my essence... But maybe it could be an intentional exterior block as well... like the wave you talked about...

I'd like to know more about it, but don't want to give it my undivided attention either since I have an impression that it's only being fed that way... When my K started and I finally understood what it was, I was obsessed by it. Later I had to quiet down a bit. I realised focus perpetuates!
Hi Ravens and dAkapacity,
reading your initial post Raven got me thinking about the same, I had very similar experiences.

When I had my first K-experience and all those emotions that came with it, I completely freaked out. I was so in panic because I didn't understand what was happening to me, all those weird waves of energies around me... it was so different from anything else I EVER had experienced in my whole life. Luckily I could talk to my former Reiki teacher and he had the idea: this could be a K-experience. This explanation calmed me down a lot and I could trust in the process and just let happen the integration and everything that comes with it.

I had the same thoughts dAkapacity, maybe we're not talking about the same thing or we all experience such 'awakenings' in a little different way. But I think it's good to talk about it thanks Raven for your courage.
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