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Default Re: Artificial Intelligence Wave - it's no joke.

Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
No its no joke Paul

First time I experienced a wave was february 2001... but I see it as a black wave with dark energy coming… but that one was huge… I was sitting in my bed reading a book when I saw it enter my house…. I stop it and block it out of the house so it had to pass outside… what I understand from that one it was going around the world, meant to target lightworkers… …

Yes! It moves (I believe) in a global, over-lapping wave. I experienced the blackness, too, but I'm still caught wondering if I was having an NDE when I actually saw it. When I first felt it, I was fully awake, just thinking "oh, my god, is THIS STRANGE!" A girl started panicing... I joined hands with an abulance driver and a police officer in prayer and just as the man across the room said would happen, the silver ball exited... but so did Paul!

We must keep in mind that many things, negetive and positive... from many origins can manifest as silver orbs. The shape and color have little to do with it when talking about A.I. It could have been a yellow triangle and still be the same thing.

Hope to get back to this again soon.

Yours in peace,

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