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Default Re: Artificial Intelligence Wave - it's no joke.

Originally Posted by Chamber View Post
Only those of minimal intelligence should fear Artificial Intelligence.

Logic is an abstraction....therefore "artificial" intelligence is inherently fallible.

Relax yall.

Ahem... (sound of throat clearing). If you were in my shoes that day, I think you'd have a jolt do deal with, too. First, it wasn't fear, but the shock of the MAXIMUM STRANGNESS FACTOR of it. Second those of minimal intellegence probably won't even realize the thing is near them.

I don't put too much weight on IQ scores, but I clock in at 145 and my family
(lots of Ph.ds) averages up to 200. I've been called "dumb" and "stupid" and have been the brunt of much verbal (and some physical) abuse and do have a "button" in that area. More than one close relative worked in deep-black classified military aerospace (yes, including Area 51). I don't come from a background of "minimal intelligence."

'nuff said.

Let's be nice.

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