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Default Re: Calm Down, And Read It.

Bobbi and I wanted to make sure many others saw this picture taken yesterday morning.

I called it "The Mists of Avalon"
The Swan, the Heron at middle right, the Seals at middle left.

Love is expressed in many ways. One of those ways is self sacrifice and seeking the advantage of
another, in other words, help someone accomplish what they want to do.

Even our enemies are to be shown "love", but not to give them bullets for their guns, just
sustenance. We have even won the respect of some of those that we call agents. We have come
to realize that there are reformed former bad ETs also and acknowledged their positions in all of
this at this time.

Then there are the highbred, GMOs, ones with adopted DNA from mankind. Even they are loved
with a provision for continued life. We know that the bible expressly states when the ETs left their
positions and came to earth and "mated" with women, also from the abduction experiences, men
too. They are not to be killed, as in times past, but are afforded the same amnesty based on their
"heart", integrity, honor, and so on, just as mankind will be judged worthy of life, or not.

Remember, Jesus came from up ^ there, became one of mankind and went back up ^ there to be
crowned as King of the Universe. His "sacrifice" also covers all sentient intelligent life forms that
will avail themselves of this provision of amnesty and forgiveness. Yes, love is being shown
beyond our highest expectations.

Norval L. Cunningham
Gale Smart

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