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Default Re: Why do Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy Disagree?

[QUOTE=SteveX;238800]Dominic 777 please forgive my bluntness but I fail to see why you're seemingly looking beyond the facts.

1) Bill & Kerry are like Mulder & Scully in reverse....yes?

2) 2 opinions are better than 1 for us to make our own mind up...yes?

3) You do not need Bill or Kerry to tell you what to believe....yes?

If you've answered yes to all 3 then that’s basically it......yes?

yer yer we can turn into a soaps plot line. Kerry is scorning Bills affections or visa versa. They’re no longer in love. It's a power play for royalties from the movie rights. One is glory seeking over the other.

hello stevex,
there is a far deeper question to the question....there is a paradigm shift of consciousness , if they disagree on sensitive issues,Bill is probably looking at it from a rational and reality perspective, whilst Kerry is looking at the sensitive issue, IN AN INTUITIVE WAY....therefore which is the higher authority?
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