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Default Re: Why do Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy Disagree?

Originally Posted by Moxie View Post
I think it's appropriate for Kerry to have made her statement about the mission of Camelot, and how it was disappointing that Bill would publicly post regarding someone who has come to them as a whistleblower (I'll add - as he did w/Greer). She would not have had to air that she disagreed w/Bill's view if he had not publicly done that.

And when two people are working so close together plus one male, one female and you have become very close friends, there is a sort of love/hate that sometimes surfaces. I have a "best" friend of 35 yrs (male, I'm female) and we can butt heads like all getout... it had great mirror/feedback thing when you're "free" to do so, it's like family, your Safe to fully express yourself, the unconditional part of love allows this.

And they can cover greater ground, interview more people when they split up once in a while. Thank you Kerry for making your statement about Camelot's mission and sticking to the principle of exposure, not judgment.
Thank you Moxie, this makes sound sense...but there has to be a fundamental paradigm shift of consciousness if they are not therefore we have 2 different paths to follow
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