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Talking Re: Why do Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy Disagree?

I do believe that the approach on what constitute a whistle blower greatly differs for both of them. The approach to determine the validity of each whistle blower is creating a bit of a stress in their friendship . Bill as everyone knows is more analytical in his approach and is very fond of grammatical presentation . Kelly is more focus on the spiritual side . In my view this duality of opposites views and approach is what has created the success of Project Camelot.
New found romance sometimes can become possessive and time consuming and is hard to balance both so the rift is created by the lover who is eager to define and claim her position in the relationship . Of course this is pure speculation. All in all I hope that they can mend their differences and continue to work together. Unity is difficult for anyone because we all posses a duality of opposites and this is always reflected in our relationships so why would we expect Bill and Kerry to be any different . Truth is define by each person as it resonates with you or not, this is the beauty of the journey within.

Blessings to all...
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