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Default Re: Why do Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy Disagree?

Originally Posted by DOMINIC 777 View Post
These analogies are interesting...a pissing animal analogy is hard for my mind to get around... can you elaborate on this a bit more...maybe use the cloud analogy and it will **** rain on all of us

What more is here to explain? I am blowing my "whistle" here. I am describing a circle...the answer could be one of my previous answers in this thread.

for example:

and there will come the day when earth will open and you will see them return, emerging from blackness..whispers in the wind....traversing their message...calling you the source...must return to the shall thy respond D21?


When the "time comes" (whatever that may be) it is not about Camelot or Bill and is about you. How do you wish to see yourself at that "time"? (no need to answer here...that is for you to know and/or to find out)
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