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Default Re: Why do Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy Disagree?

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I've the feelling that the disagreement between those 2 has a personal reason.
The 2 always emphasized that they aren't a couple, but sometimes in such a platonic relationship, it happens
that one wishes that the opposite would be true.

I reckon the one is Kerry.
She's single, has no kids and is already 44 years old, and she wishes to have a partner who really supports her in every way.

Bill once wrote on the homepage that she even has difficulties to pay her rent. A fiancÚ would be helpful in such situations.

But Bill couldn't engage because he has alrady a fiancÚ in Switzerland.
And perhaps he even wouldn't engage with Kerry because he only sees her as a friend, or feels "too old for her", or whatever.

But now Kerry feels rejected and that can lead to constant disagreement, even dislike. There were rumors that the 2 don't like each other very much.
Although Bill always speaks in high respect of Kerry, a true gentleman.

But I feel that there's some truth in these conjectures.
Because just watch the video interviews of the 2 or the conference talks, Kerry always looks depressed when Bill speaks, the corners of her mouth go downwards and she looks bored.

What's also noticeable, she very often disrupts him when he speaks.
The subtext of such behaviour is: please recognize me!

Perhaps I'm totally wrong, but I've this strange feeling.

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