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Default Re: can you FORGIVE us?

Good Day all you beautiful people!

, I was hoping you'd chime in with your wisdom = )
THANK U, you always relay the best stories! and thx for bringing up the
Course in Miracles, the Course is what has really opened my eyes.

if anyone out there is wondering if the Course may be for them,
I highly recommend this book by Gary Renard called:

"The Disappearing Universe"

it's a wonderful precursor to the Course and even if your not interested
in the Course itself, it's a truly wonderful read!
from the cover...

"straight talk about illusions, past lives, religion and the miracles of forgiveness"

this book has helped me understand so much. it's super easy to read and even has
a wicked sense of humor. this is what has helped me understand the importance
of forgiveness and how to, especially with 911.

Renard's book gives a fantastic explanation of the ego too...
and as many of you know, our biggest battle in this experience is the ego.
oh that ego is trixie to say the least, Greybeard has a wonderful thread on
the ego here:

and conjuredUp... it is SO NICE to see you again, I remember you
and your love from avalon's inception. so glad to see you here now!
forgiveness, allowance, acceptance are kinda all in the same boat for
me and when you said:
"I've been working on allowing... allowing everything to be as it is. As it chooses to be."
me too! it took me a very long time to realize that no matter what anyone (of us)
chooses to do, whether it's saving a life or taking a life, that it's all just perfect! reminding
myself constantly that I AM the only one here helps me tremendously. to love a stranger
is to love myself. THANK U Mudra for bringing up mindfulness, as one of your beautiful
threads says: NOW IS LOVE

THANK U all for keeping this thread going, not for me, but for us!
it's SO easy to forget, and threads like this one and others on avalon that aren't
pushing fear, are the important reminders we all need. Blessings to us all = )

this is from the Course and I have made it my daily mantra:
seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world

~ love in us ~

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