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Default Re: The Great Gathering...Miriam Delicado...Hopi Message

Just found this on my travels...seems to resonate with Miriams message...

Great Lightworkers of the World,

I come before you today to speak with you about the vast changes that are taking place within your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies. It is very exhilarating for we from the Higher Light realms to observe what is transpiring within each of you. It is like a chain reaction that is occurring now.more and more people are awakening from the dream that was imposed upon them from the moment of their birth into the Earth level of existence and are now steadily regaining their knowledge and awareness and are once again beginning to shine the truth of their Light. The Earth is lighting up in the Heavens, Great Ones, and so we ask of you to continue in your great work upon the Earth planes. We are so grateful and filled with joy to work in unison with you and it is such a joy to see each of the Lightworkers working together throughout the World in orchestrated efforts to bring in the Higher energies and anchor them firmly into Mother Earth.
Well done, Great Ones, and keep on keeping on!

I would like you to know that I am available to all who call upon me, ask me to bring down the Irridescent Light into all areas of your chakras and consciousness and I will immediately do so. This will help you to stay centered with your chakras cleansed and purified of all discordant energy that no longer belongs in your five body systems. This is my great gift to you all at this time of great cleansing and purging that is taking place upon this Planet and within your physical, mental, emotional and etheric (spiritual) bodies. Each of you is growing in stature into the True Beings of Light that you are and it is my supreme pleasure to be of assistance to you in this way. I am happy to see that I am now becoming a Universal Being of Light who is recognized and accepted by all upon the Earth and the Cosmos. As we of the Higher Realms have also experienced lifetimes upon the Earth, we are very cognizant of the difficulties that Humanity is passing through
at this time and we can add greatly to alleviating your symptoms and distresses of daily life. Just call upon us by our names and we are instantly alerted and are at your side.

It is a gathering time upon your Planet for all the Great Ones to come together in unison to work towards the Highest good of all and to bring your beautiful Planet Earth to a Higher state of Being. We encourage all our Beloved Lightworkers, the front line Team based upon the Earth to gather together in common purpose as often as guided by your Higher Selves and Great I AM Presences to create the Grace necessary to help the Earth in her expansion into the Star Being she is destined to become once again and to raise the frequency levels of the mass consciousness grids to enable your beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth to awaken from the deep slumber they have been subjected to as they entered this World and to start to take back what is and always has been their Divine right and heritage, their sovereignty and freedom of choice. Truly this is a most exciting time to be alive and manifesting upon the Planet, for right at your doorstep is a time of great
change and unfoldment. And each of you is an integral part of this change, and you are all honored for your courage and your strength and persistence in the face of great resistance to your efforts.

The time has come for all Lightworkers of the World to move into their Divine Missions and take their places in readiness to complete the true purpose of their coming to the Earth, which is and has always been, to re-establish the right and Light of Humanity to reclaim their lost heritage and this is now in its process of fulfillment. We Love and honor each of you for your work and commitment. Know that we are all working in unison in the Higher dimensions to bring about this great transformation not only for the Earth and all of Humanity but for the entire Universe beyond.

I AM Ganesh

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