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Default Re: animal consciousness.

That's a great story Zeddo.
We had two cats once that were inseparable, yet they squabbled and fought but deep down they thought the world of each other.
One liked to stay out all night while the other all ways stayed at home in the comfort of her warm comfy bed, one morning when my husband got up to go to work he looked out of the bedroom window and said to me, don't look out until i get back!
I was suspicious and looked, to my shock and horror Timmy our wayward cat who never would stay in had got himself run over in the night as he was on his way home.
Just like the film Mudra posted cars were going past ignoring our poor cat lying there lifeless.
As i continued to watch i saw my other cat zoe sniffing around the body then trying to drag the body off the road, i ran down stairs, my husband who now was carry a blanket in his arms to retrieve his dead body turned to me and said i told you not to look!
I said i know but i had to come down zoe is in the road and i am worried she will get hit next.
when we both got outside zoe had successfully dragged her best friend to the side of the kerb and it must of been some fete because Timmy was a much bigger cat being a tom and much heavier than herself.
We both thanked zoe and told her she was a good girl for what she had done but now she must leave him and we will take over.
John wrapped Timmy's body in a blanket and took him back indoors.
I called to Zoe but she would not move she went back to the spot where Timmy had been run down and sat there, i called to her but she would just not budge.
In the end i picked her up and carried her in.
After we had buried Timmy in the back garden and gave him a little shrine we noticed zoe was missing again, i knew where she was yes i was right!
Sitting back in the middle of the road she would not budge, i went and got a bucket of warm soapy water and a broom and followed her into the road.
calling her to one side i proceeded to wash away the remnants of Timmy. I knew until this was done zoe would continue to sit in the spot where her best friend died.
Sadly it did the trick but i feel zoe was never the same after losing Timmy. Her playmate was gone she became withdrawn after a time she did get back to her old self but like us she felt something missing in our lives.

I will tell you another story similar to that one, i have always had cats all my life and have given homes to many, we would go to the local cat sanctuary and look for the old ones who know one ever wanted.
At this particular time in our lives we had a dog and old one her time was coming to an end but we felt if we brought a cat into the family it may give the dog a new lease of life.
This day we discovered two cats mother and daughter one was 14 years of age the daughter 12.
They were beautiful cats no one wanted them because they were too old.
The women had said the owner had to move abroad and could not take them with him, so unfortuantly for them they were put in the cats home, they had been there around 6 months or so with no real interest from anyone.
Moffat and Batternberg! they were called i know my husband had a hard time with the names lol!! they ended up being called moffy and batty lol!
Now Batty had the right name she was such a strange cat, i always said she was not a cat at all but an alien consciousness. Perhaps some here have had similar experience with animals but all the animals i have ever had were more human or alien to other animals characters.
We were now living in a different area and again the roads around us were pretty busy at night.
These two cats had been kept inside before we had them all their lives they had been shut up in a flat which i thought was a little cruel if you have animals they must at least be let out.
Well Batty had found her new freedom and would never come in only meal times.
She went missing for 3 days we thought she had run off or perhaps someone had stolen her, her markings were beautiful she was a maine cat.
One morning just as before in my last story we woke up and found her lying in the road dead unfortuantly.
Once again John picked her up in a blanket she had been dead for many hours once again we dug a grave for her in the garden, we placed a heavy concrete bird bath on the spot where she was buried and placed a name mark alongside.
However something strange happened the next day when we woke i noticed the bird bath toppled over, which was odd because who ever had knocked it over must have been strong because it was very heavy around 2ft tall and had a statue of a little boy on top holding the tray which you filled with water.
John went out in the garden to pick it up when he noticed a rubbish bag had been opened and some chicken bones strewn all around, now this was something Batty would do regularly it was a normal thing to have to clean up in the mornings after Batty had been out all night scavenging.
As John stooped to pick up the chicken bones he felt a sudden gust of wind shoot past him, i even saw the bush which was alongside the birdbath being swept aside, John said he got a fleeting glance of batty shoot past him and disappear!!
I think we saw Batty on her last scavenge, after that strange experience she did not come back to us in spirit form any more just that one time then she was gone one last goodbye to say thank you.
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