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Default Peter Mandelson-What's that all about?

He's an interesting character who cannot seem to avoid power. I'm sure he has plenty of inside connections dues to his colourful past and the way that he keeps on popping up out of nowhere. What started me thinking about how he seems to have so much power is actually this comedy show where they mention him.

Quick Bio on Wikipedia:

He was director of communications for the Labour Party in 1985.

He was elected to the Houses of Parliament in 1992 as the MP for Hartlepool, UK.

He made several pro European Union speeches and was close to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown when they were in the shadow cabinet. He backed Tony Blair as leader of the Labour Party.

He was appointed minister without portfolio in the Cabinet when Labour came to power. Amongst other things, he was responsible for the Millenium (now the O2) Dome (considered a fiasco by the media and public and opposed by most of the cabinet at the time)

He was also appointed a 'Net Czar' to lead the UK in what he termed 'The new industrial revolution'

He resigned twice! First time for accepting a huge interest free loan from an MP he was investigating the business dealings of and the second time for using his position to influence a passport application of an Indian businessman who was going to sponsor the 'faith zone' of the Millenium Dome.

So someone who has to resign twice over issues which bring his integrity into question must consider his career over, yes?


Peter Mandelson pops up again, now all of a sudden as Lord Mandelson, the First Secretary of State (which according to Wikipedia is an alternative use for the term deputy prime minister!)

He is in the news today because he has announced that the Government will create a new bank holiday in June 2012 to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee. He says that 2012 will be a 'landmark year'.

What do you think of Peter Mandelson?

This man has some serious backing to openly be so corrupt and get such huge rewards for it.
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