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Default Re: A day and a half of chemtrails time lapsed

Hi Swordsmith -- [btw, i also thought you were a dude --you are a fierce dudette]

this is kind of off-topic, but i thought you might be interested, re anecdotal stories -- some yrs ago Chet Snow wrote his 'Mass Dreams of the Future' -- his compilation/conclusions from pre-gressing many many clients to their future life

tho each life was seen/pre-experienced as an individual, C Snow saw that there were clearly 3 distinctly separate futures ahead -- this was in the days before all the interest in timelines

the most commonly seen future was of the humans all living on a completely barren & sterile Earth -- a moonscape-- living in clear domes w/all air & water recirculated for use, as Earth was poisoned -- one man said it was 'the loneliest life' he'd ever had -- this is one way for humans to learn how important the animals, trees, the sound of running water, etc are to them --& i always wonder what is/who lives below the domes

a second future was that of humans living in small fighting tribes -- weapons & fortifications big in this one -- the physical survivalist mind-set

the third is one that i know many here on the forums have seen & dream of -- humans living in a higher state of consciousness on an Earth cherished & pure -- one man said, '& no animals are ever hurt here' -- [not too many saw this future]

i offer this in the spirit of DW Griffith's admonition: 'Never underestimate the intelligence of the common man'

Peace & Freedom, wynderer
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