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Default Re: A day and a half of chemtrails time lapsed

Originally Posted by swordsmith View Post
jack, I'm very interested in what you have to say, please dont shout, I can still hear and with that said, I'm glad to know you are nearly a doctor, even though you hold them in contempt, but do tell , we are waiting...

Your not even slightly interested in having a civilised conversation. Your only motivation is to set a few traps with some tasty bait, then discredit the person that falls for it. The only reason i even responded to you was so that for those on this forum who do not have eyes to see, it might shed some light on the disinformation/**** stirring agents that are running rampant here while there is zero effort to come together and expose them for what they are. We as a race of people are past the point of being stupid enough to engage with each other on anything like an aggresive level when so much more can be gained from cooperating in truth, wisdom and love.

If a civilised person who has enough inteligence to engage in a harmonious exchange of information asks me a question, i'll answer it, but for the likes of you, do one.
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