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Default Re: As brothers fight ye!

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
Having no stuck viewpoint to defend there is nothing to oppose either.
The trick then becomes helping to bring others to balance too... which I think I was learning during arguments I did have in the past.

The ability to see the balance is so natural for me at times, when I was younger I couldn't understand how others couldn't see it, it was almost an alien concept. Even as a child I could see injustice a mile away and couldn't understand why someone would perpetrate it. This used to confuse me and I would end up thinking I was wrong or get frustrated and there the argument would start.

e.g. 'I can see your POV and sympathize but why can't you see mine?'... 'or theirs?'... And the fatal one I was guilty of more than once... 'isn't it obvious???'

I can't stand injustice or lack of balance/fairness but I have come to accept it exists and I try to help adjust things if I am able.

I don't feel so defensive about my opinions on a matter as I used too either as I know other opinions matter just as much, and I respect that. However I am also much better at expressing mine when asked and I know they are valued. An element of self confidence has helped there, something I used to lack because the world, and people, confused me too much.

Age brings a grander view of life (for some at least) and I must admit it would be a boring world if everyone was at the same stage of unfoldement. Helping those who want help is a wonderful privilege and something I enjoy doing.

That was quite a learning curve in my younger days.

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