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Default As brothers fight ye!

'59. As brothers fight ye!'

Liber Al vel Legis Chapter III

I sincerely hope this is what I have witnessed over the last week or so now that I have taken to posting rather than just visiting occasionally.

Many opinions have been voiced, many criticisms thrown around, some ego's hurt, some genuine emotional pain inflicted on people just trying to be who they are and help.

I expected to join in the forum and be amongst like minded people willing to help the world with whatever is around the corner but landed in the middle of a bun fight.

Many criticize A .Crowley for his ideas and methods but the quote at the top is honorable and very good practice. Fight as brothers both against the common enemy, and each other if points of view are opposed or differ between those brothers.

ie. I used to fight my brother but I still loved him and after the dust had settled, we had a stronger bond and greater respect for our individuality's.

If people leave the forum because of the current issues it will be a crying shame as we have the opportunity for the air to be cleared and for Avalon 2 to be bigger, stronger and more unified than before.

This is the hope I have, and where there is hope there is light.

Peace to all, take three deep breaths before posting an angry response (simple but it does work) and lets start working against the real enemy again.

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Love is the Law, Love under Will

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