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Default Re: The Concept Of The Unification

Originally Posted by Malletzky View Post

And the feeling of this soul unification, the love between us, unbelievable...I can't remember of even loving my own children that way...and I thought I love them beyound any measurements...

I'm sure that with this dream, I was shown the feeling of how is it to KNOW when you love KNOW that the one that you love KNOW how much you love them..and to KNOW that you are loved back...and this all simultaniously

with to you too...
When all walls we have set up in this world fall apart all we are left with is the Love that we are and we realize it really has no bounderies .. not the slightest speck of judgement to prevent you to be in total oneness with all that is ...This is such a joy to let go of the Self and to move into that perfect merging point .
That's what your dream evokes to me Mal . Your sharing it with us is a great blessing Thank You

Love is the word we use for personal attractions .. by a perception of the Center it is the only power capable of totalizing .. without internal contradictions.

From Human energy by Teilhard de Chardin

Love from me

Love from me

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