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Default Re: How to Learn Survival

Protection and Munitions

Aside from a good hunting rifle, Bow and arrow, crossbow, and other hunting related arms, munitions may very well be needed to deter or protect survival items and food storages. If someone or any mob attempts to take anything that you need to survive, then it is considered attempted murder and must be dealt with as if they are assaulting your person, and that of your family and those you protect. Each member of your survival party should have each of the following.

First on the list is the Heckler & Koch HK91. This is a heavy assault rifle which fires the 7.62 NATO cartridge, a standard United States military caliber. Many survivalists regard the HK91 as absolutely the best defensive firearm available. This rifle will fire time after time for hours or days on end without jamming. It is so reliable that deliberate attempts to jam it usually fail. It is also extremely rugged and amazingly accurate. Mel Tappan (the survivalist gun guru) has reported 100-yard three-shot groups as small as 3/8 inch with this rifle. This figure represents a center-to-center variation in point of impact only slightly larger than the diameter of the bullet. (Most combat rifles are doing well to make two-inch groups at 100 yards.) In skilled hands the HK91 has an effective range of 1,000 yards, about half a mile. The 7.62 NATO cartridge is powerful enough to penetrate trees, car bodies, and brick walls with enough energy left over to do lethal damage to an attacker on the far side. The rifle can be purchased with a convenient collapsible stock, if desired, and costs between 400 and 550 dollars, depending on the exact model and the

The second rifle on the list is the Armalite AR-180, a light assault rifle which fires the standard United States military 5.56mm round. Compared to the HK.91, the AR-180 is smaller, lighter, less powerful, and less accurate. Its effective range is 450 yards, but there is some question about the man-stopping qualities of the bullet beyond 150 yards. If you are shooting the AR- 180, the guy on the far side of the tree will be relatively safe. On the other hand, this assault rifle is easy for an inexperienced person to shoot because of its light weight and almost total lack of recoil. It is also less expensive than the HK91, selling for 270 to 350 dollars in most gun stores. The AR-180 comes with an integral
folding stock.

The third recommended weapon is the Colt Government Model Mark IV .45 caliber automatic pistol, or one of its Colt variants. This model has been in service with the United States Army for seventy years and is the favored pistol of most combat-shooting hobbyists. The reader should understand that pistols in general are under-powered, unreliable, inaccurate, and difficult to shoot.
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