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Smile Re: Pacific Northwest Ground Crew

Hello Everyone!
I'm the newest addition to PNW- Ground Crew. Thanks to all the participants that are keeping this thread alive. Are there some other awakened people in my area- South Everett, Lynnwood?
My interests/skills are mainly in the following areas:
web design and programming, internet, music, seeking the truth (obviously), speak and write in bulgarian (native bulgarian) , german and a bit of russian, computer hardware and software.
I consider my self rather generalist than a specialist, all my life I just have been refusing to limit my self to one thing, but tried to learn as much as possible in as much as possible areas, so there is nothing I would be proud of myself accomplishing so far. Seeking the truth became my hobby and subsequently almost an addiction, which actually led to browsing the net for the truth. I probably should mention that I've watched every single video interview on the camelot site and Bill and Kerry are the ones that have ultimately opened my eyes.
An actual accomplishing of some of the stuff I have in my mind, would be probably the best way to help the community and pay back the world for having me.
Drop me a line here or pm me, hope to hear soon from You.
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